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5 Benefits of Scheduling Roofing Work During Winter


Scheduling Roofing Work During Winter

When you need repairs to your roof or a whole new roof installed during winter, should you just wait until spring? While it’s understandable to worry about having roofing work completed when the weather is cold and possibly snowy, there are some benefits to doing so.

Leaks Can Get Worse

If the problem is that you have a leak, waiting until spring to deal with it will just give it time to grow worse, putting your home in danger of developing water damage and mold. It’s also possible for more leaks to start as cold temperatures cause your roof to expand and contract. Scheduling repairs or a replacement during winter lowers these risks and ensures that you and your family stay dry and warm all season long.

Damage Leaves Your Roof Vulnerable to the Elements

Winter storms can produce heavy snowfall, ice and gusty winds that can hurt your roof. Shingles that are missing, loose or damaged can’t keep your home safe from the elements. If you spot damaged shingles or missing shingles after storms or anytime during winter, it’s important to have repairs done as soon as possible. Winter typically doesn’t affect the ability of roofers to perform these types of repairs.

Some Materials Are Easy to Install in Winter

Metal roofs aren’t vulnerable to damage from the cold, which means that the installation process isn’t affected in winter. Asphalt shingles can be installed during winter as well, although roofers must take certain precautions to prevent the shingles from breaking or not adhering properly. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and thermoplastic olefin (TPO) flat roof systems can also be installed safely during winter. Roofs that require peel-and-stick adhesives and rubber roofs for flat roof systems cannot be installed during winter, however.

More Comfortable for Contractors

Some contractors are more comfortable doing roofing work during winter rather than the hot summer months. Being up on a roof exposes these workers to even warmer temperatures, which can make it difficult for them to complete their work safely. Those who do roof repairs or replacements during winter can stay warm in colder temperatures while still being able to go about their jobs.

Snow Removal is Quick and Easy

Roofing contractors have to work in safe conditions, which means clearing away snow from the roof. While this adds a bit of time to repairs or replacements, getting rid of snow from a roof doesn’t take much time. Once the snow is cleared away, contractors can perform repairs or handle replacements in a safe, non-slippery environment.

Please contact us today to set up a consultation for roof repair with a trusted contractor! The winter weather won’t be stopping us! And keep in mind that we also provide remodeling services.

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6 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Scheduling Roofing Work During Winter”

  1. I appreciate your comments on how getting roof work done in the winter is good because it is more comfortable for the contractors than doing it in the summer and because you don’t want the weather in the winter to make any issues worse if you wait too long to get them fixed. I have a small leak in my roof and some loose tiles that I feel like could result in other leaks if I let them sit over the winter. I should definitely find a roofing company who can fix my roof as soon as possible.

  2. When you are looking for roof maintenance, it is best to have it done sooner rather than later. Roofing repair and maintenance should never be put off if you can help it, because problems will only become worse and more costly to repair.

  3. My dad was having a hard time deciding if we should have our roof fixed this coming winter. It was explained here that leaks can get worst and should be dealt with right away. Furthermore, it’s recommended to hire professional roofers for quality roof repair.

  4. I like how you said that by hiring professional roof inspectors, you are able to stop problems from getting worse or putting your home in danger of developing water damage and mold. I think it’s so much easier to prevent small problems from growing than it is to fix large problems after they’ve caused significant damage. My friend recently had a strong storm pass through her neighborhood, and she isn’t sure if hiring a storm damage repair business is necessary. I’ll definitely recommend that she do find a storm damage repair service in her area to come out and assess the damage on her roof and surrounding areas, to ensure that there are no problems that will become serious with time.

  5. There are more shingles missing off my roof than I’d like and I really want to get them fixed before it starts snowing badly. Now as you said, these broken shingles can cause leaks which will get worse over time. I don’t want to risk that so chances are, I’ll see about hiring someone next weekend to come out and fix it for me.

  6. I agree that contracting roofers to work during the winter is important. The tips provided in this article are interesting and insightful. I was unaware that some materials such as metal are unaffected in the winter.

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