Can I Repair My Roof Instead Of Replacing It?


Not every roof that is damaged or failing requires complete replacement. The pliability of the existing shingle is a factor. Reasonable uniform Appearance is a factor. Most roofs over 8 years old cannot be uniformly matched in color due to weathering, age, and availability of current material lines.

Other factors to consider:


1) Poor installation: If the initial installation of the roof was done poorly, then repairs may not last long as the underlying problems will remain.


2) Low-quality materials: If the materials used for initial install are of low quality, then the repair may not hold up in extreme weather conditions or wear and tear.


3) Environmental factors: Extreme weather conditions like heavy rain or strong winds, can cause damage to the repaired area, leading to repeat damage.


4) Lack of maintenance: Failure to perform regular maintenance on the roof, such as cleaning debris or unclogging gutters and downspouts, can cause further damage that will require future repairs.


It’s important to choose a reputable contractor that uses quality materials, offers a warranty, and provides ongoing service to make sure the job is done right the first time!

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