Choosing the Ideal Stone Countertops for Your Home


Stone Countertops for Your Home

Kitchen countertops are one of the larger expenses in a remodel or new home build, so you want to be sure that whatever you select will work well for your family for many years. Choosing the best countertop material can make the difference between having a family-friendly kitchen that looks amazing for the next 20 years and having cracks, off-color spots and faded laminate.

Our professionals will help you navigate the confusing landscape of hundreds of patterns, colors and textures for your countertop with ease. Some of the most popular materials include quartz, natural stone, granite and acrylic.

Acrylic/Polyester Solid Surfaces

While some people may say that solid surfaces are nothing more than “fake stone,” that classification isn’t quite true … or fair. These manufactured materials have all the beauty and elegance of natural stone or marble, but are much more user-friendly and are sold under the names Corian, Gibraltar and Avonite.


  • Highly stain and scratch resistant
  • Can be sanded to appear practically seamless
  • Burns can be buffed out and tend to disappear on the countertop


  • No less expensive than natural materials


  • Easy care material that is forgiving of scratches and burns


Long the top choice for discerning homeowners, granite countertops are available in a variety of shades and finishes. While granite is more expensive than some other options, it is very durable as long as you keep it properly maintained. Granite can dress up or dress down your kitchen depending on the specific style that you choose.


  • Incredibly durable
  • It’s the most popular choice for residential applications
  • Comes in stunning natural color options


  • Extraordinarily heavy — requires reinforced base cabinets
  • More expensive than many other options


  • Requires significant upkeep
  • Must be sealed periodically

granite kitchen countertops

Marble or Quartz

Quartz composites and marble are both softer than a traditional granite countertop, and while quartz composites are not a fully-natural material as they contain 10 percent acrylic or epoxy, they are very similar in how they are maintained. When it’s important to you to select a natural material for your home, marble or quartz are excellent selections.


  • Also known as engineered stone, this is a newer option on the market
  • Has some of the best characteristics of natural stone countertops and acrylics
  • Available in a wide variety of colors


  • Quartz composites, in particular, can cost more than their counterparts


  • Delicate use recommended
  • Require a great amount of care and periodic sealing

Finding just the right countertop for your family includes a mix of defining your personal style, the design that will fit in with your current decor and which option provides the maintenance level that most closely fits your needs. Stone countertops today are generally low-maintenance, although a few options do require time to sand out scratches or perform infrequent sealing.

Call L&L Contractors today to set up a free consultation to see which countertop option is right for your family. Whether you’re remodeling your home or building new, you’ll find that L&L Contractors is your trusted partner for quality roofing, siding, countertops and more.

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