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In a world of turmoil and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to make our families the center of our lives and keep them at the top of our priority list. Families are (or should be) a source of emotional support and comfort, warmth and nurturing, protection and security. Within every family, there should be a certain sense of reciprocity—a giving and taking of love and empathy, care and support.


My mother lives in McMinnville, TN. She has been a loyal employee of the United States Postal Service for over 30 years now. She is a very strong and independent woman. No one can tell her she can’t do something! Her parents (my grandparents) are in their 80’s and rent a home in Manchester, TN along with my uncle Gerald who is mentally ill.

My mother works long hours during the week and still finds time to assist in the needs of her parents and brother. This forces her to make several trips to Manchester between shifts, which can leave her completely worn out by the end of a typical day.

She recently purchased a vacant home on a nice 1-acre lot not far from her home in McMinnville. A few weeks ago she called to inform me that she had bought the land and had plans for us to build a house for my Granny and Papa! Well, we couldn’t leave Uncle Gerald to fend for himself!

This old vacant house couldn’t house a rat let alone my family; we had a decision to make. We decided our best option was probably going to be to build a duplex. And we’re now in the process of doing just that! Not only will my grandparents and uncle have a new home, but they will also be closer to my mother for support.

After a week or so of planning, and budgeting, etc., we broke ground last week with our demo team. The first part of the job was to completely demolish the existing house. After 8 hours of work with heavy machinery and truckloads of debris were hauled off, the lot was clean and ready to start anew. My grandparents wanted something small that would be easy to maintain. My uncle didn’t care what his looked like as long as it didn’t leak.

Both units have two bedrooms and 1 bath, with an open-concept kitchen and living room. My grandparent’s house will be equipped with wheelchair ramps and handicap bathrooms and tubs. Uncle Gerald’s unit will have a nice large window overlooking a metal-roofed porch into the front yard.

My grandparents and uncle are so excited about their new homes. They can’t wait to move in, and I can’t wait to give my mother and grandmother a big hug the day we hand over the keys to their new home. I feel so blessed to have the knowledge, ability, and team to help my family with this project.

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