How Your Business’ Office Layout Can Generate Productivity and Happiness Among Employees


While all businesses hope to build a culture of high performance, few realize how important office layout can be. Office design can impact productivity as well as performance in everything from small businesses to large corporations.

Space is a key factor in each of our habitats,” writes Dr. Tina Seelig in her book inGenius: A crash course in creativity. “Because it clearly communicates what you should and shouldn’t be doing. If you live and work in an environment that is stimulating, then your mind is open to fresh, new ideas. If, however, the environment is dull and confining, then your creativity is stifled.”

Offices versus open work spaces

Offices versus open work spaces

One of the biggest debates in office layouts – and often the decision that is most difficult to make – is whether to go with an open work space or individual cubicles or offices. While both layouts have their pros and cons, the decision of which design to use comes down to a number of factors including long-term productivity goals, workplace culture, and employee temperament.

Open work spaces were once considered the go-to office layout for creative businesses. Likewise, this is the office layout favored by many startups and Silicon Valley tech businesses. This office layout is known for increasing communication amongst team members and in some cases can drop email traffic by as much as 50%. Likewise, open office layout may be less expensive for small companies when compared to creating a number of smaller, individual offices.

While an open layout may work for some, other employees may find it to be a distracting work environment that decreases productivity. Because of this, it is important to create private board rooms or flow spaces that employees can utilize for private meetings or phone calls or simply for a quiet space to work on a project or assignment.

Increase Productivity by Improving Office Design

Tips of improving office layout

“Forget all the crazy offices designed to make employees more creative,” writes Jeff Bradford in FastCoExist.com, “in reality, you only need a few simple things for everyone to get the most of their workplace.”

  • Allow individualization: Strict rules about decorating workspaces can actually harm productivity; studies have found that workers who are allowed to personalize their workspaces were as much as 32% more effective than those who could not.
  • Maximize natural light: Harsh fluorescent lighting can cause a number of health problems including eye strain and migraines. Instead, allow as much natural light into the office space as possible, arranging and angling desks to avoid glare.
  • Form pods of desks: If you choose an open office layout, circles or pods of desks are more likely to boost creativity than straight lines or rows. Arranging desks together in teams can also increase collaboration.

If your business is ready to redesign and customize your office space to increase productivity and happiness for your employees, contact L&L Contractors today. Our staff can create the perfect workspace for your business and find the right layout to maximize your employee’s performance.

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