Roof Repair Costs: Factors to Consider


Roof Repair Costs

“How much will this roof repair cost?” is one of the most common questions homeowners have. Yes, homeowners insurance does often cover at least part of many roof repair projects, but there are often out of pocket costs and deductibles to consider. So, how much does a roof project cost? Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors that impact roofing estimates.

Extent of Roof Damage

Roof damage plays a major role in dictating just how expensive the project will be. However, sometimes roof damage can be more complex than it looks like at first glance. A good example is hail damage. Bad hailstorms may cause a few of your shingles to dislodge. But when the roof inspection happens, an expert may find telltale hail “dents” across many shingles, indicating that the shingles are damaged and can’t do their job properly anymore. This means that much of the roof may have to be replaced, which is a much larger project.

The Slope of Your Roof

A high slope means that your roof has high angles in many parts, while a low slope means that the roof has a low angle. High slope roof repairs tend to be more expensive, not only because they are more difficult to move around on, but also because a high slope naturally requires more roofing materials than a low slope covering the same space.

High Slop Roof Repairs

The Roofing Materials You Use

Flat shingles are typically the least expensive to repair. Architectural or more “three-dimensional” shingles are more expensive with tiles being the most expensive. Repairing or replacing high-end roofing materials like slate can be particularly pricey. It’s important to talk about the price of roofing materials with your contractor: Always try to choose materials that match the roof you currently have, unless it’s time for a full replacement.

How Much Out of Sight Damage Has Been Done

This issue occurs a lot with leaks that have been present for a while but only recently detect. A leak may enter through one shingle or a small part of flashing, which is easy to repair. But that same leak may have caused widespread rot and mildew damage to the roof underlayment, which would have to be replaced — a much more expensive project. Bad leaks may have even seeped down and ruined other insulation or structural components, which can lead to an expensive repair project. Always take action when you notice a roof leak!

Nearby Roof Features

If roof damage happens near or on chimneys, vents, weather vanes, skylights, or other roof features, the repairs will probably be more expensive since extra flashing and sealants will be involved.

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