Spring is the Perfect Season for a Roof Inspection


Roof-Inspection-Murfreesboro-TNSpring is the perfect season for a Roof Inspection

Although Punxsutawney Phil has unfortunately predicted another six weeks of winter, it’s still a good time to begin thinking about home repairs in the spring. All winter long your sturdy roof has protected you and your family from nature’s wind, snow, rain and ice. But did you know that during that time period, your roof could have become extremely damaged in the process? With spring approaching, you should begin to take the necessary steps to ensure that your roof is ready for the rest of the year.

Prepare your roof for spring by assessing the winter damage.

Once all of the severe winter weather has cleared, you should look for significant damage to your roof. However, only a professional roofing contractor can truly assess the amount of damage done. Do not try and inspect the potential damage yourself! By having a professional roof inspection completed on your home, you’ll be able to understand just how much or how little damage occurred during the winter season.

A variety of winter elements can severely damage your roof, such as:

  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Severe freezing rain
  • Tree branches
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Puddles

Winter storms and precipitation can cause leaks, puncture and crack shingles, and even result in further damage inside your home. A professional and thorough roof inspection will accurately detect any destruction to your roof, and devise an effective plan of action for your timely repair.

Warm weather is ideal for a roof inspection.

Spring is the best time to schedule a complete roof inspection as the warmer weather allows the assessment and repair to be completed in a timely fashion. In addition, repairing your roof early on in the spring allows your roof several months to relax before the frigid winter returns.

With spring coming soon, call L&L Contractors at 615-372-4765 to schedule your free roof consultation today. Our professional roofing contractors will determine just how much damage Old Man Winter caused this year, and get your roof ready for the rest of the year.

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