The Benefits of Adding a Sunroom to Your Home


Benefits of Adding a Sunroom

Does your home seem too small for your family? Are you considering putting it up for sale to buy a slightly larger home? Before you go to the hassle and expense of moving, think about making a simple addition to your home with a sunroom. Sunrooms offer a bright, flexible space that make the cold days feel warmer and the dark days seem brighter. Plus, they give you some extra space to get away and enjoy the outdoors.
Here are some reasons to consider adding a sunroom to your home:

1. Increase Your Home’s Value

A custom designed sunroom may be the perfect addition to your home if you’re looking to boost its value. Adding a sunroom to your existing home can provide a 52.5 percent return on investment in Middle Tennessee, according to the “2015 Cost vs. Value Report” published in Remodeling Magazine.

A sunroom adds usable square footage to your home as well as beauty and flexibility. When choosing a home remodeling project, you want to choose one that will make your home more livable and ultimately add to your home’s value. A sunroom addition does both beautifully.

2. Create a Space for Everyone

The great thing about a sunroom is that it’s flexible. You can use it as a play space for children, a conversation and gathering area for adults, or a quiet space where you can relax while enjoying a bright sunny day. There is a variety of styles to choose from, so you can tailor the sunroom to suit your family’s needs. Do you want an elegant space for entertaining? Do you need a family game room? With a sunroom, the possibilities are endless.

3. Open Up Your Floor Plan

Even if your home is otherwise closed off, a sunroom with large windows can add the perception of openness to your home. Open floor plans are popular, but remodeling your existing home to achieve this look may be financially prohibitive. Adding a sunroom will add valuable square footage to your home while providing a more open floor plan feel.

adding a sunroom to your home

4. Enjoy the Outdoors

The cold temperatures combined with the shorter days of winter in Middle Tennessee make it difficult to enjoy the great outdoors. A sunroom, however, allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of your home. A sunroom is extremely energy efficient with large windows that allow the sun’s rays to warm the room. The high-quality glass used in the windows will keep the room comfortable year-round. So even in what feels like the darkest days of winter, you can enjoy the feel of the sunshine on your face.

Add a Sunroom to Your Home

If you are thinking of adding a sunroom to your home, contact L&L Contractors to get started. With a decade of experience, we are professional contractors who offer quality workmanship and first-class service to our clients and community.

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3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Adding a Sunroom to Your Home”

  1. A friend of mine has a sunroom in his house, and I thought it would be nice to have one in ours. It’s interesting that they actually adds both value and beauty to your home. Since our house could be sold in the future, I would want to get as much as we could out of it.

  2. Rachel Lannister

    I’d heard in the past that sun rooms were a great thing to have for when you want to enjoy the fresh air. You wrote that a sun room is great because it can serve many purposes like a family game room or a nice place for reading. I absolutely love to read, so having a nice place to read while enjoying the sun and air would be incredibly relaxing.

  3. My favorite part of your blog is when you said that you can relax while enjoying a bright sunny day if you consider installing a sunroom. This is something that my husband and I will consider because we want to have a dedicated area where we can unwind and destress during the weekends.

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